Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When good computers go bad

Have you ever got frustrated with something and just went off? Most likely, the answer is yes. Well I think the same thing may just happen to our personal computers.

Maybe we expect too much from them and after a while they just can’t take it? Let me cite a few possible examples:

You have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for a webpage to load and all of a sudden, the browser crashes. What actually happened? Without getting technical, I can tell you that the computer probably got tired of waiting and put a stop to the non-sense.

And sometimes I think computers get a great deal of pleasure by messing with our heads. After all, what else have they to do with their spare time? Let me site some examples:

You have just booted up your computer and you notice that the desktop is different. The arrangement of the shortcuts has changed. You didn’t change them, so who did? And why?

Just yesterday I was online and all the text in my browser (Netscape 7.2) menus turned blue. They are normally black. For a moment I had to ask myself, “Blue is not right is it?”

Then I shut down the browser and reopened it and the text was back to black. Yikes!

And how come when you go to a webpage, the browser can’t find it, but ten seconds later it can? Oh sure, you can blame it on the Internet or a glitch of some kind, but I know better. That machine is alive!

And why does the mouse sometimes double click, when I know I only single clicked. I open my browser and there are two windows open to the same web page. What gives?

So remember be good to your computer, cause it knows all about you and may be watching you as you sleep. Sure it looks like you turned it off, but can you be sure?

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