Monday, January 14, 2008

doctor visits

Things to do when visiting the doctor

While visiting the doctor, there is a good chance that you will be sitting and waiting for some time. So what do you do, besides twiddling your thumbs? Here are ten things that you might consider:

1. Bring your own reading material, and here is why:

a. Most of the magazines are well-handled, with pages missing.
b. Unless you are very interested what happened in 1996, there won’t be too much to hold your attention.
c. You don’t know who has handled them. And you know that just about everyone there has something wrong with them.
d. If you bring something that is interesting, you will be less tempted not to look around the room. (And you know how uncomfortable that staring and fake smile routine can be.)

2. Try pocket size reading material:

a. It is easier to carry.
b. You can bring it with you into the examination room.
c. You may be there longer than you were in the waiting room.

3. Sit as close to the receptionist as possible, because:

a. Most receptionists have soft voices and you may not be able to hear them.
b. If you don’t hear them, they may pass you by and you may be there until your next appointment.
c. Many receptionists are nice looking, and if you are male, it will make passing the time, more pleasurable.

4. Wear short sleeves. There are several reasons for this:

a. It is usually quite warm in the waiting room. If it is cold weather you can bring a sweater with you, and wear it over the shirt or blouse.
b. When we are at the doctor’s, most of us are somewhat apprehensive and with short sleeves, you will be less likely to sweat.
c. It will be much easier when they take your blood pressure. A rolled sleeve restricting your arm may not give an accurate reading.
d. It will be better if you need some type of injection in the arm. A rolled up sleeve can be a distraction and you do not want anyone that is jabbing a needle in you to be unfocused.

5. Do not bring small children with you, and here is why:

a. Do you remember the last time someone brought a little one with them and they started crying?
b. It wasn’t fun was it?
c. And not only that, the child might catch something from someone. Then you will have a problem.
d. If you are visiting a pediatrician...........good luck!

6. Don’t wear a real short skirt, as:

a. It may cause distractions
b. You might get too cold.
c. Disregard this one if you have really nice legs.
d. I am talking about the females!

7. Dress like you are poor but proud, for these reasons:

a. You don’t want them to think that you are rich.
b. They may charge you accordingly.
c. You may get free sample prescriptions.
d. They may not ask you to pay upfront.
e. Then you can send them payments.

8. Bring the doctor a very nice poster:

a. He(She) may appreciate a nice gift.
b. Maybe they will put it in one of the examination rooms.
c. Then you won’t have to stare at those boring medical charts on the wall as you are waiting.

9. Try to get to your appointment as early as you can:

a. Get there at least a half hour beforehand.
b. Someone may cancel and you may get in sooner.
c. They may take pity on you and let you in ahead of others.
d. Don’t count on number “c”.

10. I have never tried this, but have heard about it:

a. Dress in a nice suit and shoes
b. Bring a briefcase and hold it while you sign in.
c. They may let you in early (thinking you are a drug rep)
d. If not, you may get some really cool samples from all the other drug reps in the room.

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