Monday, January 7, 2008

microwave ovens

Microwaves do’s and don’ts

Where would we be without the microwave oven? The luxury of 30 years ago has become a necessity that we depend on daily. From baking potatoes to making popcorn, there are a great many uses for this little appliance. And let’s not forget heating up leftovers and defrosting things.

And of course, most of us cannot enjoy a good cup of tea without the convenience of the microwave.

Because of the widespread usage, you would think that everyone knows just what to do with this handy oven. Not exaaaaactly!

We must accept the fact that the gift of intelligence (and common sense) is not distributed evenly within the population. So for those of you that are intelligent and brimming with common sense, please print this out or pass on the url to those less fortunate.

Uses not intended for microwaves

1. Entertainment Center – Gathering around the microwave or staring at the little spinning table for long periods of time may not be the best of things to do.

2. Scientific Experiments – One should not use the microwave to see, “what happens to this if it is microwaved” or “how long does it take for an egg to explode”.

3. Towel substitute - Do not insert any living creature into the microwave – this should be common sense, but once again, not all of us possess it.

4. Pest extermination – Even though it will work, the messiness would outweigh any possible convenience.

5. Anything (that is uncovered) with spaghetti sauce all over it. Take my word for it, if you don't mind sleeping on the couch tonight, then go ahead and do it.

6. No cheeses of any kind please! If you are the one that cleans the oven, you know exactly what I am talking about.

7. No metal pans or bowls or utensils! Once again, you would think that it should be common knowledge, but I have seen it many times in the cafeteria at work. And those same people have the nerve to complain the oven is not working.

8. Do not use the oven without the door (by-passing it). Not a good idea if you plan on reproducing or living to a ripe old age.

9. Learning center – This is not the place to learn how electricity works by taking this thing apart. There is a high voltage transformer and some radioactive things in there, so please leave it alone.

10. If it blows a fuse, have someone that knows what they are doing, take it apart and change it. Or at least un-plug it before taking the back off. And make sure you use the same rated fuse as the old one.

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