Thursday, January 17, 2008


It is like walking a wooded path in the cool gentle breeze. I look up and there are birds in the trees singing harmoniously.

I pass a small cabin with smoke coming from the chimney. A woman opens the door and waves to me as I pass.

Next, I come across a small park with children at play. They are running and jumping rope in a manner that could be 1908 or 2008, it makes little distinction. The only difference is the clothing.

Suddenly the heavens open up to a magnificent rainbow, and it feels like a new world and a new day.

I feel a little closer to humanity, yet at the same time removed from it. I was feeling disheartened, but I feel like I can cope with things just a little better, now.

Thank you for your music Nina. It really is a bold new world, since you passed this way.

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