Sunday, January 6, 2008

come back

Reternity by Sam Lemon

Shades of laughter fade into the sunrise.
Misty morning eyes gaze though time and space.
And it is now as I slowly un-die,
That I begin to re-enter the race.

No my love you must not know,
That which is or was upon the skein of time.
Nor can I let show,
That which was yours and mine.

Have you ever felt a familiarity with a strange place? .....and also with someone that you first met?

There is basically one reason to feel familiar with something or someone. And that is because you were previously exposed to them.

It makes sense that all life is recycled. After all, just about everything in nature is. Winter leads to spring, and then to summer, fall and back to winter again. Which season came first? Obviously, the answer is that it makes little difference.

It is like joining a race on an elliptical track. After a while you would not remember where you got on. And what would it matter?

Someone comes into your life and there is an immediate attraction. You know it is not coincidence. You can feel something with certain people that you do not with others.

Brain science may sight various reasons like pheromones and neurotransmitters, but the answer may be much simpler.

We are just remembering on a different level. Of course I cannot prove any of this. But the next time you feel at home somewhere, and you have no idea why, you’ll know I am right (probably).

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