Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enough already with the metric system!

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That old adage says it all, when talking about understanding the metric system.

I think the so called, “metric conversion” has failed. And it was destined to do that in the United States.

When someone tells me that something is so many kilometers away, I still have no idea what they are talking about.

And I am completely lost when it comes to Celsius. To me, 100 degrees is not hot enough to boil water. And zero degrees should be way way below freezing. I just cannot relate and here is an explanation:

Deepak Chopra mentioned some Harvard researchers that raised kittens. There were two groups. One group was only exposed to a vertical world. And the others were only exposed to a horizontal world from birth. As the kittens matured, the vertical ones could not experience anything that was horizontal and vice versa.

When the brains were examined they found that the horizontal group did not have the physical brain cells to recognize vertical and the vertical group was conversely affected.

So it is not our fault. We are not stupid or incapable of learning. It is just too late at this point.

I don’t get it! I will never get it! And I wish that TV producers would understand that! If you are making a show from another country and it is going to be shown here (U.S), make it so we can understand it, please!

So stop the milligrams and centimeters, now. Keep that stuff in the countries that have used it from the beginning. And besides, not everything is meant to be converted to metric.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. How silly would it be to say .0022 grams of prevention is worth 1.1 kilograms of cure? And by the way, the reference may not be mathematically correct but that just demonstrates what I am talking about (conversion charts and such).

A cup of kindness is not the same as 0.237 liter of kindness, now is it? And which makes sense, “walk a mile in my shoes,” or “walk 1.6093 kilometers in my shoes”? And by the way if those shoes were size 10 metric they would not fit, either.

And how much better would it be to visit God’s half acre than God’s 0.20235 hectare?
And if you give them 2.54 centimeters (an inch) and they’ll take 1.609344 kilometers (a mile), some meaning is lost.

And how would the Byrds song, “Eight miles high”, sound as “12.874752 kilometers high”? It just does not sound right. So try to go the extra 1609.344 meters (mile) and say no to metric.

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